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What must Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, be making of Barack Obama’s pathetic conduct? In a series of negotiations, Team Obama capitulated to virtually every Iranian demand. When the diplomats finished, there was no signed agreement – leaving the mullahs unbound by whatever the Americans claimed was in the deal.

Then, Iran’s parliament and its so-called Guardian Council approved a radically different document. More egregious still, the Supreme Leader recently effectively repudiated the deal in a letter to his country’s puppet president.

Furthermore, when Iran arranged for Russia to join it in sending military forces to Syria, the Americans did nothing. Ditto when Iran sentenced a U.S. hostage to prison. Ditto when Iran violated UN resolutions by testing an advanced ballistic missile.

So, what’s Ayatollah Khamenei thinking? Death to America.

He must be stopped, not emboldened.

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