Pelosi trip exposes the CCP’s war against America

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Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan didn’t cause a crisis with the Chinese Communist Party. Rather, it has simply brought into sharp focus a long-ignored reality: The CCP is at war with America.

As it happens, that’s the title of a book published last month by the Center for Security Policy’s Team B. It’s available for free at – and required reading for everyone suddenly anxious about China’s next steps.

A blockade of Taiwan, further constriction of its own supply chains upon which we heavily depend, more violent aggression in the Western Pacific against our interests and perhaps our own assets, personnel and territory – including further biological warfare attacks like the Covid pandemic – are now in prospect. We can no longer ignore these and other forms of the CCP’s unrestricted warfare against us. We must respond robustly while we still can, or surrender.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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