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National Security Advisor’s Serial Insubordination and Personnel Actions Undermine Trump Presidency, Requires His Termination

The Center for Security Policy today joined with others (see articles herehere and here) who are alarmed at the disloyal and subversive behavior of National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster.  They have joined together in calling on President Trump to dismiss McMaster from his office immediately.  Such disloyal and subversive behavior from McMaster includes undermining the President’s policies on virtually every important foreign and defense policy issue and purging staff members who support these issues, while retaining or hiring others – including large numbers of Obama holdovers – who do not.

“No voter in this country – not one – elected H.R. McMaster to run U.S. foreign policy.  Actually, the winner of the 2016 election was a man who opposed virtually every aspect of the McMaster agenda – and that of the president who made its architect a three-star general, Barack Obama,” said Center for Security Policy President Frank Gaffney in a nationally syndicated radio commentary today.

“It may be hard to square that reality with what has happened since McMaster became Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor. At every turn, the Army general has been insubordinate to his Commander-in-Chief.  For example, he has openly opposed Mr. Trump on “radical Islamic terrorism,” Syria, Qatar, Iran, Russia and the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Of late, McMaster has taken to purging Mr. Trump’s most loyal staff members, including senior intelligence advisor Ezra Cohen-Watnik – a man the President had previously, personally insisted be retained.  If such misconduct is tolerated, Trump voters will have unknowingly elected President McMaster.”

Today, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates will be describing the administration’s redoubled efforts to stop leaks that compromise national security.  One place that must receive close scrutiny is McMaster’s own office in light of yesterday’s revelation by Sara Carter of Circa News that last April, the National Security Advisor personally granted one of his most notorious predecessors, Susan Rice, continued access to classified information and vouched for her trustworthiness with respect to safeguarding it.  Given Ms. Rice’s record of playing fast-and-loose with sensitive information for partisan political purposes, this action speaks volumes about Gen. McMaster’s poor judgment and loyalties – and affirms the necessity of his termination forthwith.

Center for Security Policy

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