Situation Report: Law Enforcement identifies Colorado active shooter who killed 10 as 21-year old Ahmad Al-Issa

Manhattan 2019. Behind the police with gun belt, close up

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News breaking today that law enforcement has identified the individual who shot and killed ten people at a Boulder Colorado grocery store as 21-year old Ahmad Al-Issa. The name was originally misspelled reported by the media as “Alyssa” but subsequently updated.

Officials noted that Al-Issa “lived most of his life in the United States” but no other information about his immigration status or naturalization has so far been provided.

Information about motives has been extremely limited and remains unconfirmed. The website cited NBC’s Pete Williams as saying the FBI has not taken the lead on the case and reported that federal sources claimed there were no indications that the motive was terrorism related. Williams also reportedly cited Al-Issa family members claiming the shooter had a history of paranoia.

The Boulder Police Department said in an update however that the case remained under investigation “by dozens of agencies.”

In contrast, One America News reporter Jack Posobiec cited a White House source claiming that President Biden had been briefed that the shooter may have held sympathies for the terrorist group ISIS.

Social media posts attributed to the shooter show references to Islamic religious beliefs, accusations of “islamophobia,” and apparent opposition to former President Trump’s refugee screening policies.

As more information becomes available this post will be updated.

Kyle Shideler

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