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In Iran, Brazil and China, vast popular uprisings are taking place despite actual or prospective violent government responses. Precipitating causes vary, ranging from outrage over Iran’s murderous morality police, to widespread Brazilian electoral fraud, to the Chinese Communist Party’s deadly COVID-19 lockdowns. But these revolts have two things in common:

First, in these three nations, men, women and children are risking everything to demand freedom. They know the stakes and still they take to the streets to denounce the totalitarians and defy their orders to disperse.

And, second, in all three cases, the United States government under Joe Biden is on the wrong side. He wants: a nuclear deal with the mullahs; the advance of communism in Brazil and throughout our hemisphere; and to appease his old friend, Chinese emperor Xi Jinping – not proliferating liberty.

America must stand for, and with, freedom.

This is Frank Gaffney.

Frank Gaffney, Jr.

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