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Have you wondered why America’s young people think: their country is systematically racist; China had nothing to do with the pandemic that has killed more than a million of us; and socialism is a preferable form of governance?

Such widespread misapprehensions may have something to do with the fact that our kids are being insidiously, comprehensively and highly effectively brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party as part of its “unrestricted warfare” aimed at destroying the United States.

A truly mind-blowing webinar conducted yesterday by our Committee on the Present Danger: China illuminated how the CCP has weaponized a highly addictive app called TikTok. It uses sophisticated Big Data collection and analysis and powerful artificial intelligence to hook, indoctrinate and otherwise subvert coming generations of Americans – even as TikTok’s content inside China promotes instead patriotism, academic excellence and personal achievement.

Ban TikTok now.

This is Frank Gaffney.

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