Statement by Center for Security Policy Board of Directors E. Miles Prentice

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As is true of millions of Americans, baseball is my passion. I am proud to have been associated for many years in various capacities with some of the country’s best baseball teams, including the Norwich Tigers.

I am also proud to be a citizen of this country and to have sworn, as a member of her armed forces, to defend and protect the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  I consider that commitment to be a continuing one.

Recently, some have challenged me and the Norwich Tigers over my work in a personal capacity with a national security organization called the Center for Security Policy that shares my commitment to protecting our Constitution and national security.  While that work is completely separate from baseball and my other professional pursuits, I believe it is vital to our country.

For over thirty years, the Center has striven to identify real and growing dangers arising from those inside and outside this nation who seek to undermine the security and/or freedom of the American people.  Some of them are radical leftists like the Southern Poverty Law Center.  Some of them are Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and its many front organizations whose radical ideologies inspire violence, terrorism and coercive practices which threaten Muslims and non-Muslims around the world.

Such groups have been harshly critical of the Center for Security Policy for opposing them and their subversive agendas.  Like many others, including people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, our organization has been falsely described by these political opponents as “racists” and “haters.” Now, as the Center’s Board Chairman, they are attacking me.

My colleagues and I at the Center for Security Policy are more than willing to debate the content of our research and advocacy on behalf of freedom and the practice of peace through strength with Americans of differing views, but who are also committed to freedom and our Constitution.  We see no utility, however, to meeting with, or otherwise legitimating, those who seek to silence us or are associated with terrorist organizations like Hamas.

Center for Security Policy

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