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With Rep. Mike Kelly, Bill Gertz, Col. Richard Kemp, Deroy Murdock

Rep. MIKE KELLY, U.S. Congressman from the 3rd District of Pennsylvania:

  • American oversight of the internet, and why it’s being lost
  • The Defending Internet Freedom Act (H.R.2251)
  • How the Arms Trade Treaty imperils the 2nd Amendment

BILL GERTZ, Senior Editor with the Washington Free Beacon:

  • Ash Carter’s plea to Beijing to cease artificial island building
  • A Chinese-Russian cyber non-aggression pact?
  • Tehran’s goals for Yemen
  • Saudi Arabia being squeezed by both Iran and the Islamic State

Col. RICHARD KEMP, Former Commander for British Armed Forces in Afghanistan:

  • President Obama’s nuclear deal with the Iranian regime
  • Dangers of ignoring Iran’s support of terrorism
  • President Obama’s willingness to return $50 billion in assets to the Iranians
  • Similarities between Hamas and other terror groups

DEROY MURDOCK, Contributing Editor with National Review Online:

  • Has the Obama administration exacerbated racial tensions?
  • American alienation as a result of Iran negotiations
  • Lack of American leadership in foreign relations
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