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With Melik Kaylan

MELIK KAYLAN, co-author of the new book “The Russia–China Axis: The New Cold War and America’s Crisis of Leadership”:

Segment One:

  •  Long-term consequences of the world’s failure to take note of Russia’s invasion of Georgia in 2008
  • Why did Pres. George W. Bush decide to treat Russia as an ally?
  • Putin’s ongoing quest to regain territory lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union
  • Russia vs. NATO

Segment Two:

  • China’s move into America’s backyard via domination of the Panama Canal and other valuable resources
  • Communist China’s return to old dynastic territorial ambitions
  • The intertwining of the U.S. economy with Russia and China that makes treating them as enemies complicated

Segment Three:

  • Russia and China’s expansion of old empirical spheres of influence in central Asia
  • The continued growth and adaptation of the Russian and Chinese military arsenals despite the end of the Cold War
  • Plans for a new alternative reserve currency to the dollar—backed by Russia and China—that would devastate the U.S. economy

Segment Four:

  • The dangers of losing track of historical geopolitical rivals
  • Is America a major combatant in the “War for Ideas”?
  • How Middle Eastern conflicts are diverting American attention from Russian/Chinese subversion
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