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With Mark Krikorian, Roger Noriega, Barry Rubin, Michael Bastasch

MARK KRIKORIAN, of the Center for Immigration Studies, pin points some of the issues wrong with the immigration bill now waiting to be passed as well as gives a brief overview of some of the changes this bill has outlined for immigration.

ROGER NORIEGA, of Inter-American Security Watch, gives a recap of some of this week’s breaking developments in Latin America including the possibility of Ecuador granting Snowden amnesty, immigration and the new Iranian president’s relationship with Cuba.

BARRY RUBIN, of the Gloria Center, digs deeper into the significance of Shiek Abdullah Bin Bayyah’s recent visit to the White House and examines the prospect that the Obama Administration has allied with radical Islamists, an alliance that he has coined “the Obama Doctrine.”

MICHAEL BASTASCH, of the Daily Caller, examines President Obama’s recent speech on the War on Coal, looking closely at the affects, the justification, and whether or not this plan can be brought to the world stage.

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