The IRGC is a Terror Organization, So is the Muslim Brotherhood

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The Trump administration took another, critically important step in its challenge to Iran’s despotic ayatollahs and their Sharia-supremacist regime. In announcing the decision to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps a foreign terrorist organization, Secretary of State  Mike Pompeo said the objective is to “deprive the world’s leading state-sponsor of terror the financial means to spread misery and death.”

Mr. Pompeo noted that this adjunct to the Iranian military has the blood of more than 600 Americans on its hands.

Thank you, President Trump, for holding the government of Iran accountable for utilizing this proxy, and its two adjuncts – the Quds Force and Hezbollah – to wage terrifying jihad against us and our allies.

Next, the administration should designate the Muslim Brotherhood – a no-less-dangerous catalyst for jihadism that the Islamic doctrine of Sharia commands be employed to achieve its imposition worldwide.

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