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The West is in trouble. The entirety of the political class of Western civilization is in complete denial. And the leader of the Free World, America, is largely to blame.

There was a horrific attack last weekend on our Christian brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka as they celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And on the Sunday news shows, all the talking heads could talk about was the old-news Mueller probe and the Russian collusion hoax, the same stories they’ve been forcing on viewers for 2 long years.

The fact is, because the attack on Christians occurred in a country made up of brown people, the so-called “mainstream” US news media just doesn’t care.

For years Boko Haram made blowing up Christian churches in Nigeria on Easter Sunday, Palm Sunday and Christmas a national sport. Al Shabaab carried out similar attacks in Kenya. It also occurred in Pakistan. The West barely took notice. Some of us managed to at least mention some of those attacks on our blogs and sites but the American news media largely ignored the story:

Jihad: It’s NOT all about us…it’s about Islamic doctrine

by Christopher W. Holton There is a narrative in the West, promoted particularly by Muslim Brotherhood operatives and their allies, that violent Jihad is primarily the result of things that Westerners have done. Among the excuses that apologists for Islamic atrocities give are: * Islamophobia in the West and the USA in particular.

Boko Haram Islamikaze Car Bomb Kills 38 Christians Outside Easter Service in Kaduna, Nigeria

Another Christian Holy Day and another murderous attack by Jihadists in Nigeria. This time 38 Christian worshippers were killed by a vehicle-born explosive device driven into a crowded area near an Easter worship service in the Nigerian city of Kaduna. This is part of a clear, ongoing effort by Jihadists to exterminate Christianity in Nigeria…

Christian Churches Attacked in Kenya on Christmas

There was good news and bad news on the front against Jihad in Africa this Christmas. The good news was that there were no reported attacks on Christians in Nigeria by Boko Haram, something that has happened in the past few years on Christmas Day, as well as just about every other significant day on…

Boko Haram Attacks Another Church in Nigeria

There is yet another example of Jihadist violence targeting peaceful Christian worshippers in Nigeria, yet you can be sure that there will be scant coverage of this in the U.S. media. The Reuters news agency is reporting that terrorists with small arms attacked a church and market in the farming village of Njilang, Adamawa state,…

Four Saudis Arrested in Attack on Catholic Church Holding Mass in Tanzania

As if more evidence was needed implicating the people of Saudi Arabia as one of the major fountainheads of Jihad, four Saudi nationals have been arrested in an attack on a church in Tanzania as it was holding a Catholic mass. We already know that Saudis made up the largest segment of foreign fighters who…

Several years ago, Al Qaeda leader Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri made an announcement that Al Qaeda was turning east and forming Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent. On Easter we saw the results of their work.  The attack itself may not have been the work of Al Qaeda, but it was Al Qaeda that spawned the Islamic State (which claimed credit for the attack in Sri Lanka) and focused attention on the subcontinent to begin with.

We may not view 300 dead and 500 wounded Sri Lankans as any big deal (shame on us), but I can assure you, our enemies see it as a big deal.

The problem in that for us is that, by their own doctrine success will–MUST– embolden them.

There’s a saying that nothing succeeds like success and the number 1 recruiting tool of Jihadists are successful attacks.

Maybe the West can get lucky and the Jihadis will only keep killing Christians halfway around the globe…it seems too many of us are content with that…but history suggests that allowing Jihadists to become stronger and emboldened anywhere produces unpredictable threats that can appear in unexpected locales.

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