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The war in Ukraine is the chessboard on which multiple contests are unfolding. What happens in Ukraine will obviously determine the future of Russia-Ukrainian relations. But it is will also the place with the U.S., NATO and the EU three cooperative but separate powers are making a strategic gambit that will have enormous implications for how nations and blocs organize themselves in the coming years. China is watching for now from the side, half embracing Russia, half distancing itself from Russia. And finally, Iran, Israel and the states of the Middle East have much to lose and gain from what is transpiring now on the battlefields in Ukraine.

To understand the many strategic dimensions of the contest, this week on the Caroline Glick Mideast News Hour I discussed it all with Dr. Stephen Bryen and Dr. David Wurmser, both my colleagues at the Center for Security Policy in Washington and some of the most astute strategic thinkers I know.

Episode 41 – The Strategic Chessboard in Ukraine | Guests: David Wurmser and Stephen Bryen

In Episode 41 Caroline is joined by David Wurmser and Stephen Bryen. They discussed the war in Ukraine in the strategic context of Russian US-NATO rivalry; t…

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