The West must not allow Putin’s capture of Ukraine

Asatur Yesayants /
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At this dramatic moment, the West, and above all the U.S., cannot allow Putin to subjugate Ukraine.

Putin’s potential takeover of Ukraine following the de facto Russian annexation of Belarus, will further whet the imperial appetites of the Kremlin’s master, pose a direct threat to the Baltic countries, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, all of Europe, peace and security in the world.

Ukraine chose the Western path for the country, it defended its choice in the Revolution of Dignity, and during the 8-year war in the East. Thousands of Ukrainians gave their lives so that the country would remain free and independent, not suppressed by the boot of a despotic thug.

Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the territorial defense forces, and millions of Ukrainians stood up to defend their homeland. They are selflessly fighting to defend every foot of their land.

But Ukraine now critically needs the help of the West, NATO, and primarily the United States.

What can and should be done right now?

  1. Immediately introduce a no-fly zone for the Russian air force.
  2. In agreement with the Ukrainian authorities, send armed forces of the allied countries to Ukraine.
  3. Create an air bridge for the supply of weapons, ammunition, material property from Western countries to Ukraine.
  4. Immediately announce a complete embargo on all Russian exports, primarily on oil and gas supplies.
  5. Completely ban all banking transactions with all Russian financial institutions.
  6. Freeze the assets of the Russian Central Bank.
  7. Open a criminal case against Putin in the Hague international court.
  8. Form a Goodwill Coalition to Defend Ukraine, which could include any country, regardless of its membership in a particular military or political union.

The West must not repeat grave crime of appeasement committed towards Czechoslovakia in 1938-1938 that paved the way to the WWII.

Humanity will not forgive the inaction of the leadership of Western countries at this critical moment, when peace, freedom, and the dignity of tens of millions of people can still be saved.

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