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The pretense was that all of these “protests” across the country were about stopping the fighting in Gaza. That was never true. That was always the cover for a much bigger agenda, revolution in the United States.

“This struggle must be organized, according to “all the rules of the art”, by people who are professionally engaged in revolutionary activity. The fact that the masses are spontaneously being drawn into the movement does not make the organization of this struggle less necessary. On the contrary, it makes it more necessary.”

Lenin, The Primitiveness of the Economists and the Organization of the Revolutionaries (1901)

It has been clear from the outset that the organizations fomenting disturbances on American college campuses were effectively political fronts for Hamas, a murderous terrorist organization. Now those organizations are beginning to drop even the pretense of operating lawfully. They are now openly calling for revolution and threatening terrorist attacks here on U.S. soil.

On May 17th activists seized Chicago University’s Institute of Politics. They then issued a declaration and a statement of principles and announced they had renamed the Institute of Politics “the Liberated Casbah of Basel Al-Araj” in honor of a Palestinian terrorist. Basel al-Araj was arrested in 2016 for planning terrorist attacks on Israel. He was killed in 2017 in an Israeli counterterrorism operation.

The extremist protestors’ published statement is titled “Bring the Intifada Home.” It is effectively a declaration of war on the United States of America. It explicitly identifies the targets of future actions to be the police, defense contractors, complicit universities, lawyers, and politicians.

“Those who make war do not deserve peace. The Palestinian resistance continues to escalate against the Zionist state and its institutions, and so are we. We take this building because we refuse to allow normal life to continue while violence is done to our communities here and everywhere.”

The statement’s principles resolve any remaining ambiguity about what is coming next.

“We must escalate our actions against all governments, institutions, and corporations who participate in, profit off of, and enable genocide. There must be consequences to their property income, reputation, privacy, and safety.”

“We embrace many methods of attacking our enemies. Whatever is effective, destructive, fun, creative, creates leverage, disrupts power or changes minds is welcome. We refuse to police and surveil each other and remember the enemies are the state, the pigs, and the war profiteers.”

“We support engagement in individual and collective self-defense. Under conditions of domestic warfare, settler-colonialism, and fascist violence, engaging in self-defense is necessary for maintaining our survival. We cannot allow the state or its functionaries to have a monopoly on violence.”

The “students” on college campuses have never been acting alone. To the contrary, as we have detailed extensivelythey are directed and financed by elements including individuals linked to the Chinese Communist Party who desire to destroy the existing social, political, and economic order. They have no intention of standing down. They are just getting started.

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