Hamas front organizations operate right here on our soil

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Originally published by AND Magazine

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All major terrorist organizations have political wings that cooperate with their operational elements and further the cause.  Hamas is no different. Its political wing, in fact, operates throughout the United States in plain sight and with the apparent tacit approval of the Biden administration and federal law enforcement.

Victims of Hamas attacks have now blown the whistle on this horrifying truth and filed suit. Following are select extracts from the complaint in that suit, filed against AJP Educational Foundation, Inc. aka American Muslims for Palestine and National Students for Justice in Palestine.

Defendant AJP Educational Foundation, Inc. a/k/a American Muslims for Palestine (“AMP”) serves as Hamas’s propaganda division in the United States. AMP was founded from the ashes of disbanded organizations created by senior Hamas officials after those organizations and related individuals were found criminally and civilly liable for providing material support to Hamas and other affiliated terrorist groups. In 2010, AMP expanded its operation to American college campuses when it founded Defendant National Students for Justice in Palestine (“NSJP”) to control hundreds of Students for Justice in Palestine (“SJP”) chapters across the country. Through NSJP, AMP uses propaganda to intimidate, convince, and recruit uninformed, misguided, and impressionable college students to serve as foot soldiers for Hamas on campus and beyond.”

On October 8, the day after Hamas’s terrorist attack, AMP and NSJP were prepared and responded to Hamas’s “call for mass mobilization” by disseminating a manifesto and plan of attack (“NSJP Toolkit”) which includes materials that appear to have been created before the attack. In the NSJP Toolkit, AMP and NSJP identify themselves as “PART of” a “Unity Intifada,” governed by Hamas’s “unified command” of terrorist operations in Gaza.”

As part of Hamas’s movement, AMP and NSJP state that they seek “liberation,” which they describe as a “real process that requires confrontation by any means necessary,” including “armed struggle” and other acts of violence. “

They are not innocent advocacy groups, but rather the propaganda arm of a terrorist organization operating in plain sight.”

Sixteen U.S. Senators have now demanded that the Internal Revenue Service explain how it is that the organizations in question not only are allowed to continue to operate on American soil they enjoy tax-exempt status. Yes, you read that right. These groups that work hand in glove with Hamas and foment violence right here at home enjoy privileged status under federal tax law. You have to pay taxes. The terrorists do not.

Two Congressmen, Mark Green and August Pfluger have gone further. They have sent a letter to the FBI and Homeland Security demanding to know where federal law enforcement is while terrorist front organizations operate openly on our shores.

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