Trevor Loudon on Antifa protests: “What we’re witnessing is a communist insurrection”

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With Trevor Loudon

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With Trevor Loudon

TREVOR LOUDON, Creator of The Enemies Within (out September 2016), Author of Barack Obama and the Enemies Within (2011) and The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress:

  • An overview of Antifa’s primary objectives
  • Where did Antifa originate?
  • How does Antifa differ from the Nazi party?


  • Black Lives Matter’s connection to communism
  • Are most people aware of the deeper motives of BLM?
  • Examining the various communist parties in the United States


  • How Keith Ellison exemplifies the epitome of the “Red-Green Axis”
  • Connections between Ellison and the BLM movement
  • Who is leading the anti-Trump charge in Minnesota?


  • China’s role in the protests taking place in the United States
  • How can America save itself from “the enemy within?”

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