Webinar: Outlook for President Biden’s National Security Policies After Week One

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With just over a week in office, President Joe Biden has begun to implement his approach to national security and put in place his national security team.  On January 27, Center for Security Policy President Fred Fleitz moderated this fascinating panel on the early indications of how Biden will approach defending our nation from foreign threats and who he has named to help him do so.

Fleitz was joined by two distinguished national security experts — Claudia Rosett, a foreign policy fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, and an award-winning journalist and Nile Gardiner, Director of The Heritage Foundation’s Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom and a former foreign policy researcher for Prime Minister Thatcher.

The panelists discussed how elections have consequences and Biden’s election meant U.S. foreign policy would move in a very different direction.  Unfortunately, this means President Trump’s successful “America First” approach to national security will be systematically undone by Biden officials and replaced with the failed globalist and appeasement policies of the Obama administration.

Rosett and Gardiner expressed concern about Biden’s Middle East policy and worried that the administration is on track to gut the Trump administration’s achievements promoting peace in the Middle East and will resume the Obama administration’s appeasement of Iran.  Rosett raised concerns about Biden’s China policy and that he does not appear to understand the seriousness of the growing threats China poses to the US and international world.  Gardiner thought the elitist leaders of European states were celebrating Biden’s victory because they see him as one of their own who will pursue globalist policies in coordination with Europe and the UN.

All of the panelists expressed concern about how partisan Biden’s national security appointees have been are and how they appear to be emptying out some national security staffs, such as the NSC, to remove anyone who disagrees with the Biden administration, especially officials put in place by the Trump administration.  Fleitz noted there have been complaints by career officials that the Biden administration filled top State Department positions and the top two positions at the CIA with political appointees.

Fred Fleitz

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