Webinar: US policy toward the unrest in Israel and Saudi Arabia’s rapprochement with Iran

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In the last two months, the U.S. has faced three challenges to its position in the Middle East: Dramatic unrest in Israel over the government’s efforts to reform its judicial system, the Iranian breakout in enriching uranium essentially to bomb-grade levels, and the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, sponsored by China, in talks in which all sides agreed to ban any use of English during the deliberations.

While all three events in their own right signify a major setback for the Untied States’ position in the region, the U.S. not only failed to respond to Iran’s enrichment, but actually welcomed and claimed it encouraged the Chinese-led brokering of the Saudi-Iran agreement. And rather than calm the unrest in Israel, the U.S. has apparently orchestrated foreign pressure against the government’s reform plans, and funded one of the leading organizations that seeks the current destabilizing and encourage the unrest in Israel, and perhaps others.

To discuss these issues and the U.S. policies that are common to all three, The Center for Security Policy hosted a webinar featuring Caroline Glick, Dr. Harold Rhode and David Wurmser.

Center for Security Policy and David Wurmser

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