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With Representative Chris Stewart (UT-02) and Diana West:

REP. CHRIS STEWART, member of the House Appropriations Committee and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence:

  • Why there is reason to be skeptical of the effect of Russian hacking attempts
  • The current status in Qatar and what it means for U.S. assets
  • How the recent terror attacks in Britain may have affected the British election
  • Possible Chinese cooperation in dealing with North Korea

DIANA WEST, syndicated columnist, author of American Betrayal and Death of the Grown Up:

  • An analysis behind the lack of investigation by the FBI into DNC servers
  • History of the investigation into the DNC hacking
  • Background on Crowdstrike, who supplied information to the FBI


  • Is the FBI handling other counterintelligence investigations in a similar way?
  • Unsolved murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich
  • The takeaway from neither political party fully investigating the DNC leaks


  • The partisan effort to discredit President Trump during the Russia investigation
  • Conflicts of interest Special Investigator Robert Mueller may have
  • The British elections and future policies against terrorism
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