Will Honda put the ayatollahs ahead of America?

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Josh Mandel lives a double life.

The 29-year old former student body president of Ohio State is a member of the Ohio State Assembly. He is also a Sergeant of Marines with the Marine Corps Reserve in Ohio as an Intelligence Specialist.

Sergeant Mandel spent a year in Iraq fighting terrorists. While there, he had a first-hand look at exactly how Iran supports insurgents and Al Qaeda terrorists who are killing American heroes every day. Iran provides them with money–almost always in the form of US $20 bills–training and weaponry, including advanced IED’s, known as Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFP’s) which have taken a terrible toll in US lives.

Upon returning from Iraq, Representative Mandel was horrified to learn that, like all states, Ohio’s public pension systems are invested heavily in foreign companies that do business in and with Iran.

In other words, these foreign companies provide corporate life support to what the State Department describes as the world’s foremost sponsor of terrorism.

Iran is at war with America. New revelations reported by ABC News provide proof that Iran is arming the Taliban in Afghanistan. But Iran’s proxy war against the United States goes back much further to the time they formed Hezbollah and killed 241 Marines in a suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983.

Josh filed a bill in the current legislative session in Ohio to end that state’s investments in foreign companies doing business in and with Iran.

Then came the revelation that Honda has close business ties to Iran.

Honda has a large plant in Ohio. Whispers suddenly began to be heard that should that legislation be passed, Ohioans would lose their jobs.

In other words, Honda values its relationship with the Ayatollahs who are killing Americans more than it values its employees in Ohio. This after news earlier this year that Daimler-Chrysler, which had made a sizable investment in Iran just within the last five years, was pulling itself out of that country.

Frankly, I am still skeptical that this rumor could possibly be true.

Any automaker that was to put Iran ahead of America in such a brazen manner would surely lose market share and suffer a loss in sales.

But there is only silence from Honda spokespersons and the persistent rumors that have the political leaders in Ohio spooked.

Will Honda put Iran in front of America’s heroes?

Only time will tell.

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