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With Stewart Baker, Peter Berkowitz, Katie Gorka, Bill Gertz

STEWART BAKER, former Assistant Secretary for Policy at the Department of Homeland Security, and former General Counsel of the National Security Agency:
  • A look inside the cyber warfare domain
  • Vladimir Putin’s rhetoric on an inevitable global war
  • Repeated malfeasance in enforcing a resilient electric grid and hardened critical infrastructure
  • Disunity between US agencies and security-minded organizations over the Snowden revelations and other recent national security leaks
PETER BERKOWITZ, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and author of “Israel and the Struggle Over the International Laws of War”:
  • Recent controversies in the U.S.-Israeli relationship
  • Evidence that the Obama Administration is driving a wedge between the U.S. and Israel
  • Security implications of an Iran nuclear deal for America and Israel
KATIE GORKA, President of the Council on Global Security:
  • A new white paper, “The Flawed Science Behind America’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy”
  • Links between lone wolf terrorism and the global jihad
  • Opening up an ideological front against radical Islam
  • Ways the U.S. can learn from British successes in counterterrorism strategy
BILL GERTZ, senior editor at the Washington Free Beacon:
  • Former Obama National Security Council member Quintan Wiktorowicz’s interview with Gertz on the Administration’s counter ideological strategies
  • The Chinese government’s involvement in cyber attacks against the U.S.
  • Al Qaeda’s threats against U.S. maritime and economic assets


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