Can Kirchner last in Argentina?

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Highlighted Story: "Can Mrs. Kirchner Last as President of Argentina?"

Word through the grapevine is that Cristina Fernández de Kirchner won’t last as President of Argentina. After a seventy day rural strike, Fernández’s popularity has sunk as protests by farmers continue to threaten food shortages and has frozen farm exports. This has led to road blockages and anti-government demonstrations. A recent document from sources very close to the government reveals that various senators and governors are convinced that the crisis will end soon in the formation of a national coalition government or that Presidential elections will be called.

Main News:

  • Argentine Supreme Court agrees to hear case on grain export taxes
  • Mexico: House Approves funds for Merida Initiative
  • Barack Obama says that Chávez is an "easily led" threat
  • Ecuador to open trade office in Iran
  • Venezuela launches first missile from a Sukhoi-30 warplane; Venezuela’s Chavez Annuls Intelligence Decree; Chavez calls on FARC to "end armed struggle and release hostages"; Chavez: no room for foreign investment in Venezuela; Foodstuffs up 15.9 percent in five months
  • Colombian army spots three US hostages; Colombia, Canada conclude negotiations for free trade deal
  • Brazil ‘s Embraer sells Super Tucano to US defense Service Company; Lula defends biofuels and attacks "absurd protectionism"
  • "Disney Magic" cruise pays record Panama Canal toll
  • Peru deems it unfair Venezuela’s military expenditure
  • Quiroga rebuts Chávez’s "shameless" meddling in Bolivia; Bolivia protest targets US embassy

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