Grant Newsham: Japan is waking up to the military threat of Communist China; how the US can follow

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Grant Newsham: Japan Is Waking Up to the Military Threat of Communist China; How the US Can Follow

00:00 Introduction01:20 Self-defense or forcing the US to make a decision?03:47 How does a defense-only force improve its capabilities?07:30 What does China …

U.S. Marine Colonel Grant Newsham is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Security Policy, and a Research Fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies focusing on Asia/Pacific defense, political and economic matters.

Today we discuss the implications of Japan making it clear: The CCP attacking Taiwan is equal to attack Japan. We discuss what it means to the Japanese defense capabilities, how the US might respond, and how China might treat this change.

We will also discuss what Mr. Newsham thinks will be the future of the US and China relationship. Is it a toss-up over who can win? or a one-sided victory?

All that and more!

00:00 Introduction
01:20 Self-defense or forcing the US to make a decision?
03:47 How does a defense-only force improve its capabilities?
07:30 What does China think about Japan growing its military power?
10:14 Japan WWII vs Now
13:40 Clarity vs Ambiguity
18:18 Defense paper cover: samurai of loyalty
20:55 Geopolitical reasons for Japan to speak more clearly
24:01 What does the future hold?

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