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With Dr. Harold Rhode

DR. HAROLD RHODE, Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, Former Turkish Desk Officer at the US Department of Defense, Author of Modern Islamic Warfare: An Ancient Doctrine Marches On (2017):

  • Understanding the complexities of Iran’s society
  • How does Soleimani’s death impact the citizens of Iran?
  • What motivates Iran’s Ayatollahs?


  • Differences in how the Iranian government and citizens view the death of Soleimani
  • How will Iran respond to the death of Soleimani?
  • How the US compares to Iran in terms of retaliatory strength


  • How will Iran calculate their next steps?
  • What will happen if the US pulls its troops out of Iraq?
  • How the killing of Soleimani affects ISIS in the region


  • What role does Israel play following the killing of Soleimani?
  • How should the US act to maximize the deterrent on the Iranians?
  • The need for a ‘loyal opposition’ in America

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