Antifa is a foreign-import insurgency to overthrow the US constitution, Center panelists agree

Antifa is a foreign imported insurgency devoted to overthrowing the United States Constitution, three Center panelists conclude. Its organized violence today is along the same formula as insurgent violence has always been, with the only difference being the lack of a physical command-and-control structure.

Fleitz on Fox: Trump clearly named the radical Islam enemy that Obama denied

Fox News commissioned Center President Fred Fleitz to write his views about President Trump’s realism about radical Islam. Fleitz begins, “To solve a problem you first have to acknowledge it exists, accepting reality even when it isn’t politically correct. Attorney General William Barr did this Monday when he said the December triple-murder by Saudi Air Force 2nd Lt. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani was ‘an act of terrorism.'”

We can no longer ignore the attacks on Jews in New York

In Rockland County last night, during a Chanukah celebration at a synagogue a man stormed in with a machete and stabbed at least five victims, who were taken to the hospital. This is the latest in a string of antisemitic attacks in the New York City area, coming in the wake of the tragic killing of four people during an attack on a Jewish grocery store in Jersey City.