Situation Report: Suspect in Capitol Hill vehicle ramming attack kills one police officer, injures another before being shot and killed

Katherine Welles -
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On April 2nd, Capitol Police announced that two officers were injured in a vehicle ramming at the Capitol Hill North Barricade. The driver of that vehicle, subsequently identified as 25-year old Noah Green, originally from Indiana, was shot dead by police after leaving the vehicle with what has been described as a knife. In a press conference a Capitol Police spokeswoman later announced that one of the officers had subsequently succumbed to injuries sustained during the attack.

The attack took place at a long-standing capitol police vehicular barricade, which was not part of the new fencing establishing after January 6th.

According to early media reports from MSNBC, Green self-identified as member of the Nation of Islam on a social media site.

The Nation of Islam is a black nationalist organization led by Louis Farrakhan, founded in 1930, and known for a virulently anti-Semitic and anti-white ideology.

Federal Law enforcement has abandoned categorizing or identifying attacks conducted by “black identity extremists” the previous FBI term for attacks conducted by black supremacist or black separatist organizations, following politicalized criticism.  The FBI, DHS, and other elements of the intelligence community have routinely downplayed the potential risk of violence from black identity extremists.

This attack is likely to stand as a reminder that law enforcement must take seriously violent ideological threats, and studiously avoid politicization of law enforcement and intelligence gathering of potential domestic threats.

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