‘Something is afoot in Iran’: Why Iran and Pakistan are exchanging missile fire

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Iran and Pakistan both say the intention behind their respective recent military operations on each others’ territory was to target militant groups. But is there more behind the recent military strikes?

NTD spoke to David Wurmser, a senior analyst for Middle East affairs at the Center for Security Policy, to find out more about the background to the hostilities—and why this is unfolding now against the backdrop of heightened tensions across the Middle East.

He spoke about Iran’s support of the Hamas terrorist group, of Hezbollah in Lebanon, of the Houthis in Yemen, and of groups in Syria—and now an attack on Pakistani territory. “So something is afoot in Iran, where they’re simply in a very aggressive mood,” he said.

Speaking of Iran, Mr. Wurmser said: “It’s a thug, and a thug has to act tough. And sometimes it has to beat up the guy next to you, who’s weaker, rather than beat up the Israelis, who are fighting back now.”

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