Statement Concerning the Use of Our Recent Poll of American Muslims

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today, cited a poll of 600 self-identified American Muslims, conducted for the Center for Security Policy earlier this year.  His remarks prompted some press outlets to mischaracterize the Center by citing a derogatory and inaccurate depiction of its work and leadership by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In response the Center issued the following statement:

In June 2015, the Center for Security Policy commissioned a nationwide online survey among 600 Muslim adults (age 18+) living in the United States.  The methodology used for this online survey instrument is consistent with international industry standards outlined in the ESOMAR Guideline for Online Research. The Center for Security Policy stands by the findings in our nationwide poll and we invite anyone to view its findings.

A phobia is defined as an irrational fear of an object leading to a compelling desire to avoid it.  The acceleration of terror attacks such as the recent attacks in Paris, Chattanooga, and San Bernardino makes plain that it is both prudent and necessary to respond to the threat posed by Jihadist terror in a way that both recognizes it and calls it what it is.  The Southern Poverty Law Center, by inaccurately and slanderously describing Americans who raise legitimate warnings about Jihad as “islamophobes” is aiding Jihads perpetrators by suppressing speech that is critical of them.  This is particularly ironic in light of the SPLC’s original – but apparently abandoned – stated purpose of protecting our civil liberties.

To view our poll, click HERE.

Center for Security Policy

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