To Stop Sexual Assaults in the Military, Victims First Must Not Be Afraid to Come Forward

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Congressman MIKE TURNER of Ohio talks about the recently released figures that show astronomical rates of sexual assaults in the US military,  and explains his belief that part of the problem is compounded by a military culture that often re-victimizes the victim.

JOHN WOHLSTETTER, Senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute, discusses a newly published Pentagon report that explicitly blames China for large amounts of hacking of US private and public sector data. The criminals responsible for the cyber warfare, he argues, should be seen as spies, not mere hackers.

MONICA CROWLEY of Fox News reviews the details of new information from the latest congressional hearing on the events of September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya.

Former Major General PAUL VALLELY recounts the controversial issues surrounding the 2011 downing of a Chinook in Afghanistan carrying a rescue response team in which 38 people and 28 members of the American Special Operations community were killed.

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