Books and Reports

Israel’s Courts and Israeli Democracy: A Special Analysis by David Wurmser

Adding to Israel’s recent indecisive Knesset elections has been more political chaos caused by judicial activism and major shifts in Israeli culture. In this occasional paper, Dr. David Wurmser, Director of the Center’s Project on Global Anti-Semitism and the U.S.-Israel Relationship, provides an in-depth analysis of this situation and what it means for Israel’s future.

Imagining a path to beyond the clerical regime in Iran

For years we have been scrambling to contain or frustrate Iran’s ambitions and weapons aspirations. Perhaps we can continue to push the can down the road, but at some point, either Iran’s regime will have a nuclear weapon, or this regime will no longer be. So, the real question thus becomes not whether the regime – which plays by no rules or law – can be contained, but whether it will survive.

The “Deal of the Century:” The First Viable Middle East Peace Plan

Lost among all the news about impeachment was the initial leaking of the “Deal of the Century,” the US plan for resolving the Arab-Israeli dispute once and for all.  The plan was formally unveiled today by the Trump administration.

CSP Press releases primer on Islamic doctrine versus the US Constitution

In anticipation of a contentious and critically important election year to come, the Center offers this new book by Dr. Stephen Kirby to serve as a resource for the engaged citizen. With more political candidates than ever openly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Kirby’s deep understanding of Islamic Law as well as the U.S. Constitution provides a useful handbook on the stark differences between them.

Is Islam Arab Imperialism?

There is a vibrant debate on the Internet and elsewhere over whether Islam constitutes Arab imperialism, or alternatively, whether it is an attempt to make non-Arab Muslims into Arabs. Participants in this debate are mostly Muslims, and some are even Arabs.  Some claim to be former Muslims.  Can this debate help us in our battle against the terrorists and states which support them?