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Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Highlights America’s Present Failure of Imagination in “The Long Sunday”

The Long Sunday–Election Day 2016 – Inauguration Day 2017–Nuclear EMP Attack Scenarios warns that the EMP threat is not merely theoretical, but real, and could be upon us as soon as the 74-days between Election Day and Inauguration Day, which period Dr. Pry describes as “The Long Sunday.” The short monograph does not predict that a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is likely to occur between the national elections on November 8 and the next presidential inauguration on January 20. But it is a sign of just how deeply troubled and unpredictable are the times in which we now live, when almost every day brings another unpleasant surprise, that any or all of the scenarios this report shall describe are entirely plausible.

Center Monograph Warns Of ‘Gateway’ Group For Violent Jihadists: Tablighi Jama’at

If the terrorist pipeline to which Tablighi Jama’at contributes is ever to be severed, it is imperative that U.S. policy-makers and the American people understand the contribution this ostensibly “non-violent” missionary group makes at the intersection of Islamic indoctrination and jihadist terror.

Immigration ‘Trojan Horse’: Center Exposes Hostiles’ Exploitation Of ‘Pay-For-Citizenship’ Visa As A National Security Threat

Press Release                                                                                                      For Immediate Release         10 August 2016                                                          Contact: Clare…

Center Assesses ‘28 Pages’ Insights Into Saudi Double-Game, Clinton Role In Exacerbating Threat

Press Release                                                                                                      For Immediate Release         9 August 2016                                                                   Contact: Clare Lopez…