Decision Brief: Voters must demand a real bipartisan strategy for defense against biothreats

As the 2020 elections approach, the American people must demand a bipartisan commitment from all candidates for public office to devise and execute a viable strategy to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and defend against future pandemics. While the Trump Administration has vigorously criticized the Chinese government’s negligence in response to the coronavirus pandemic, a bipartisan response is needed to identify and correct flaws to U.S. biodefense, and hold the Chinese regime morally and financially accountable.

Governments respond to Islamists spreading COVID-19

In the Middle East and South Asia, governments are addressing the role of various Islamist groups in the spreading of the Chinese Coronavirus with mixed success. In Tunisia, the government is responding to an apparent deliberate plot to target police officers with the virus, while India handles the aftermath of an Islamist sect which served as “super spreaders” of the disease.

Red China and the Wuhan Virus pandemic

The past month is without precedent in the United States. Our way of life, our society, our culture, our economy and our liberty have all to varying degrees been brought to a screeching halt by a pandemic resulting from a virus originating in Wuhan, China. And, unless you are in complete denial, the overwhelming substantial evidence indicates that this virus came from Communist China due to neglect, incompetence or belligerence—or perhaps due to a combination of all three.