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There is an inter-continental Caliphate based in a country that we liberated less than a decade ago. ISIS now commands allegiance from jihadist groups around the globe and calls for attacks against the free world everywhere its adherents can reach. That is a state of affairs we should not tolerate.

When the Center published our Secure Freedom Strategy we noted that our Islamist enemies have many names and use many different tactics, but they have one goal and one guiding ideology, Islam must be supreme and all must submit. We disagree and we have declared a CounterJihad. We also gave the enemy a name, the Global Jihad Movement, which includes all the violent jihadists who fly the black flag as well as the civilization jihadists such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates like CAIR, ISNA etc.

We now are releasing the first operational element of the Secure Freedom Strategy against the Violent Jihad “Cut Down the Black Flag- a Plan to Defeat the Islamic State”. Here is the Center’s Executive Vice President Jim Hanson presenting this plan to Congressional staff at our National Security Luncheon held at the Capitol Visitors Center on 17 June 2015.

You may download an executive summary of the full plan at the link below. It will be published as a monograph next week.

Cut-Down-The-Black-Flag – Exec Sum (Executive Summary)

Center for Security Policy

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