Electrical grid

From Elections to Electrons – Cybersecurity Threats to America’s Infrastructure

On July 8th 2020, George Cotter, a veteran cryptologist and former Chief Information Officer of the National Security Agency, joined the Center’s Director of Infrastructure, Tommy Waller, to discuss the cyber threat landscape to America’s critical infrastructures – a topic Mr. Cotter characterized as “ominous with respect to anything of value to this country: critical infrastructures, our elections, and our grid.”

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes America’s Need for Resilient Critical Infrastructure

American society’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic exposes a number of stark realities ranging from our nation’s unpreparedness for a pandemic to the general lack of resilience of our citizens.  It has also exposed the costs associated with “shutting down” economies, even at a time when all of our critical infrastructures are still functioning properly.

Shining sunlight on a massive cybersecurity cover-up

On May 12, the Senate Energy Committee Chairwoman, the Honorable Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and her committee colleague, the Honorable James Risch (R-Idaho), filed the “Energy Infrastructure Protection Act of 2020,” (S. 3688) claiming that it “takes important steps to ensure that information critical to utility operations is not unintentionally exposed, as that could surrender America’s energy security to foreign adversaries.”

The pandemic means grid operators must be resourced like DoD’s Special Operators, and now!

Members of the U.S. Special Operations Command are among the most well-trained and well-equipped warriors in the world, and our nation is rightly proud of that fact. As these noble combatants work diligently around the world every day to hunt America’s enemies, their service keeps us safe and for that we are grateful.